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Welcome to Business Telephone Products. All GTS customers will now be serviced and supported by Business Telephone Products. If you have any questions of concerns, contact us.

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What We Do

Business Telephone Products offers a broad set of services and products to get your business on the right track. Our communications experts will analyze your business and your unique needs to ensure that you get the right telephone or communication system for your environment. Check out some of the things that we offer and free free to contact us if you have any questions.

Installation, Programming, Training

  • We back all of our products with our dealer-on-site service. We’ll install and program your new telephone system, and provide the training needed to get you going.

Computer Network Cabling

  • We’ll install your computer network cabling using the very best materials in a timely manner. Our team members will get the job done on time in a prompt, professional manner.


  • Our technicians are available to solve any problems that you are having with your telephone equipment, phone lines, jacks and cables. We’re quick, courteous, and ready to help.


  • Get your free estimate today from Business Telephone Products. We’ll analyze your business and your business’ needs and develop a plan that is efficient and profitable for you.