Photo of John Redpath
John Redpath
Business Partner, Manager, CEO, CFO, HR

John is the founder of the company. He started it in 1982 while teaching high school Math and computer science. It was merged into his brother’s CPA firm in 1990 and then returned to a separate entity again on 1/1/2000. He currently oversees the accounting and HR departments and manages the company’s long-term planning and leadership development.

Photo of Nate DeMars
Nate DeMars
Business Partner, Lead Account Manager, and Network Technician

Nate has been employed at TR Computer Sales for over 22 years. He takes pride in his loyalty and commitment to our customers and employees. His leadership role at TR Computer Sales gives him the opportunity to work directly with clients, but also manage, mentor, and develop our current staff; two job roles he really enjoys balancing. His passion is working with people (team atmosphere) and helping others succeed.

Photo of Kayla Swenson
Kayla Swenson
Office Administrator

Kayla joined TR Computer Sales in 2017 as a Help Desk technician delivering technical support and assistance to clients.

In 2021 she became Office Administration providing administrative support to TR Computer Sales staff. She is responsible for the overall coordination of a broad range of services/resources that allow TR Computer Sales to operate efficiently, she assists in the development and implementation of company policies and procedures and has become a “go-to” person for in-office needs.

Photo of Gerard Gonzalez
Gerard Gonzalez
Internal Support / Sales

Gerard has been with TR Computer Sales since 2018, working in sales and helping manage the day-to-day at TRCS. Customer service is Gerard’s focus for our clients; if you have a technology need, he’ll find a solution for it by working closely with your account manager. One of Gerard’s philosophies is your success is our success and he looks forward to working side by side with you to meet your technology needs.

Photo of Leon Black
Leon Black
Business Partner, Lead Account Manager

Leon Black has been with TR Computer Sales since 2008 and started his IT career path in 1998. He constantly researches products and services that will benefit our clients. Leon is an expert in Microsoft 365, Azure, Networking, Firewalls, and on-premise servers. He also has expansive knowledge with manufacturing clients and their needs including Gibbs, Solidworks, Jobboss, E2, DNC, PCDIMIS, CMMC, other compliances, and much more.

Photo of Dustin Laurent
Dustin Laurent
Business Partner, Lead Account Manager

Dustin Laurent has been with TR Computer Sales since 2013 and started his IT career path in 2002. Dustin is an expert in Microsoft 365, Azure, Networking, Firewalls, and on-premise servers. Dustin Laurent graduated from Hennepin Technical College with Network Administrator / Analyst degree. My passion is helping others and solving issues.

Photo of Kenny Olson
Kenny Olson
Account Manager

Kenny has been with TR Computer Sales since 2019, starting as an intern and transitioning into a full-time team member.  He has both helpdesk and on-site experience.  His official origins in the IT field go back to 2015, however, he has been directly involved in technology for over a decade.  Kenny graduated from Anoka Technical College in 2019 with a degree in “Network Management and Security”.  He is an IT enthusiast who enjoys teamwork, learning, and making a positive impact using technology solutions.

Photo of Tim Koenig
Tim Koenig
Business Partner, Help Desk Manager, MCP.

Tim’s IT career started in the early 1990’s running backups and rolling out Windows computers prior to the introduction of the mouse. He has been working for TR Computer Sales since 2004. He has had the roles of IT Tech, Account Manager, and Help Desk Manager. He has enjoyed all his roles here, and the relationships he has built with co-workers and our customers. Helping people with their computer needs has always been a passion of his. His current role as a Help Desk manager has taken it to a higher level allowing him to help in the hiring and training of new employees and providing support throughout the office. He has been married for over 29 years, 2 daughters, 1 son, and 2 grandchildren. He lives in South Maplewood, where he and his wife are enjoying life by traveling to places they have never been, ice fishing in winter, and convincing her to try golf.

Photo of Jack Carr
Jack Carr
Help Desk Technician

Jack is an experienced and results-driven IT support technician with a proven track record of customer engagement. He is a lifelong learner who enjoys finding solutions for technical issues as well as supporting his teammates. He has enjoyed working with TR Computer Sales since 2016 and looks forward to his future with them.

Photo of Brad Smith
Brad Smith
Help Desk Technician

Brad began his Information Technology career in 1995 during an 8-year enlistment in the U.S. Army.  He went on to attend college in Arizona while working within Intel and Intel-funded spin-offs.   He spent the next 10 years as the Director of Information Technology for a global recycling company based in the Southwest United States.  Brad spent a few years as an independent contractor before landing at TR Computer Sales in 2016 as a Consultant.  Brad has since relocated to Southwest Florida as a member of the help desk team.

Photo of Matt Timm
Matt Timm
Help Desk Technician

Matt is an expert in tackling issues by looking at the problem from different angles to offer the best resolution. As a valued member of our HelpDesk team since 2017, Matt is always eager to lend a helping hand to our account managers and other departments. He’s especially passionate about standardizing and optimizing our processes here at TR, so we can provide top-notch service to our clients and customers.

Photo of Scott Goeltl
Scott Goeltl
Manager / Installer

Scott Goeltl was the CEO and owner of Business Telephone Products Inc. before being acquired by TR Computer Sales. He has been with the company since its inception in 1993. There isn’t a better telephony tech in the Twin Cities area than Scott. Assessing customers’ needs, installing and programming phone and voice mail systems and low voltage cabling are Scott’s strengths. We are sure that he can help you out with all of your telephony and data cabling needs.

Photo of Brandon LaBarre
Brandon LaBarre
Phone system tech / licensed cabling installer

Brandon is an expert at assessing customers’ needs, installing and programming phone and voice mail systems and low voltage cabling. He joined the team in 2019 and has been a great asset to the company and our clients.